Advanced Inflatable Rider ( AIR ) Protection System.

      This is Trackcare's latest motorcycling impact protection system. The barrier is inflatable and can easily be transported to different circuits. The system has a double impact surface; this means if the outer impact area is punctured the barrier still absorbs energy. The material is UV protected and is fire retardant. ( Trackcare Fire Test ) The outer cover is made of a grey non-reflective material. The construction of the barrier is such that it does not need constant checking of the pressure, meaning it is less likely to deflate during an event. When the modules are constructed at a circuit the front impact surfaces are placed so that it impossible for a rider to go in-between the modules.

Dimensions 8m x 1.2m x 1m




      Trackcare Hi-Lite Impact Module. Dimensions 2 x 1.2 x 1.1m.

       This is a new High Impact Motorcycling Barrier that is light enough for two people to carry easily.   The system has undertaken the FIM test at the Transport Research Laboratory and the results were excellent.
This system can be made 100% waterproof as a option. This is the same system that is being installed at Rockingham in England. The barrier has now been installed at WSB events at Silverstone and Brands Hatch.

   The material used is stronger and thicker than any other company and will prove more durable in the long term.   All systems are UV protected and are fire retardant to the French M2 test.

Low rebound velocity

World-wide Approval granted at FIM Congress. Type ( A )

Also available for speedway


     Trackcare Hi-Impact Module.

    The only system that can be used for motorcycles and motorcars. Approved by the FIA and FIM. This system was designed originally for Road Racing in Ireland therefore it will withstand large impacts. This is the only freestanding crash protection barrier in the world; it does not need to be placed against a wall or tyre barrier.

Dimensions 2.2x 1.2 x 1.1m


     Trackcare Fire Retardant Bags.

    Suitable for the placement of hay at a circuit.The FIM want all bales of hay in fire retardant bags to prevent fires from fuel spillage.    ( FIM Congress Portugal 2000 )


     Trackcare Fire Retardant Bags.

    Suitable for the placement of hay at a circuit.The FIM want all bales of hay in fire retardant bags to prevent fires from fuel spillage. 

( FIM Congress Portugal 2000 ).


       Pre - Packed  Fire Retardant Straw Bales.

    One unit  = 30 Fire retardant PVC wrapped straw bales on pallet.





     Trackcare Kerb Protectors. Dimensions.

    Dual density foam used to protect Road Racers from serious injury caused by kerbstones. Easily installed, and cheap to purchase.

1 metre in length.


     Trackcare Tyre Inserts.

    Newly developed these inserts are manufactured using the same foam that is used in our Formula 1 crash barrier, they are rubber coated and are virtually indestructible. They help spread the impact in normal tyre barriers. Two types available, standard, and deluxe.


     Trackcare Pole Protectors.

     These can be made to suit the location that they are to be fitted too. These products are heavy duty and will give many seasons of use. They are waterproof, UV protected and fire retardant. 



     Trackcare Power boat Barriers.

    Power boat barriers as presently used by Formula 3 Power boat series. The power boat barriers are designed to provide protection around bridge supports and dockland walls for power boat events. The unique construction provides excellent protection and they are very durable and can be used in salt or fresh water.



      Trackcare MotoX Barriers.

    MotoX barrier especially designed for ACU MotoX events. The Moto X barriers are designed to stop riders catching themselves on the normal rope style barrier if they pass through it, the supporting poles are also padded to provide protection for the riders.


     Trackcare Karting Barrier.

   Trackcare's latest product a new hard wearing crash protection barrier for karting. The bale is coated in a new hardwearing rubber coating and is waterproof and highly impact resistant.
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