The Trackcare Advanced Inflatable Rider (AIR) Protection System is a modular inflatable barrier system designed to offer enhanced protection to riders with improved safety features and performance over existing air barrier products. The AIR Protection System has significant logistical benefits including rapid installation, portability, reliability and flat surfaces for advertising. The barriers have been designed and developed by Survitec, a global leader in the safety and survival industry.

    Key Product Features


  • Safety of Riders - Placing of outer impact surface means riders cannot go between barrier sections
  • Constant Deceleration Impact deceleration is near constant over the event duration. This philosophy is thought to minimise injuries caused by rapid changes in the force applied to the human body.
  • Unique Design - The design ensures that even if the front impact wall is punctured the barrier retains its integrity and still provides the same level of protection
  • Low rebound velocity - The barrier has been designed to minimise rebound velocity.
  • Immediate Recoverability - The barrier is a closed system and does not vent any air to atmosphere during impact. Immediate recoverability is gained after an impact, further impacts provide the same controlled deceleration each time.
  • High Specification Each 8 metre section has a Flame Retardant Cover and is Non-Reflective. The barrier is a fully reversible sealed unit.
  • Portability - The product has been designed such that when deflated, it occupies minimal space.
  • Careful thought has been applied to keep installation / removal time to a minimum. This gives circuit safety officials the freedom to have installations moved quickly and easily throughout the day.

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